Ron Deas

About the Artist

Still Life With Brushes

I have been painting and drawing for over 40 years, around many parts of our beautiful country. I am not a professional artist, selling paintings is not my livelihood nor is it the purpose I paint.

My greatest endeavour is to depict, usually in oils on canvas, the natural scenes around us in a way that can bring back the inspiring memories of a place, if you have been there, or feel the joys of being in such places.

I sell finished works that please me, for prices that will help recover some of the costs I accrue in producing them. The paintings are nonetheless produced and framed in a professional manner with high quality materials.

With the exception of the occasional request for a commissioned painting from a client’s photograph, my paintings are generally done from a combination of plein air paint sketches, drawings on site and my own photographs.

Enjoy !